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Skull Faced Fett 2 inch enamel pins

Image of Skull Faced Fett 2 inch enamel pins

$10.00 - On Sale

New 2 inch double posted skull faced fett pins available. Each colorway has different run quantities. So each pin is priced according to how low the run.

$25 skull faced Fett “ghost face killa” white and gold. only 20 made. Numbered 1-20 (top left)

$20 skull faced Fett “neon warrior” lime green only 40 made. Numbered 1-40 (top right)

$15 skull faced Fett “night stalker” grey tones only 60 made. Numbered 1-60 (bottom left)

$10 skull faced Fett “the hunter” hunter green normal colored only 80 made. Numbered 1-80 (bottom right)